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A revolution in massage.

4D massage makes Aura unique.

With the 4D ROLLER SYSTEM, it works in the same way as if you were using your thumbs to deeply massage the various trigger points. The rolling functions work both vertically and horizontally, providing a deeper massage to the body. With the revolutionary 4D massage, the Aura massage chair offers you a relaxing and soothing massage.

HEAT is a popular technique due to its many benefits in combination with massage. With AURA massage, you will experience a warm stone-like massage sensation due to its unique heated massage heads. The heating technology in Aura has advanced so far that other massage chairs will pale in comparison to the capacity of this massage chair.

Technical specifications

Color: White/Grey | Black/Grey

Dimensions upright: 155x81x122 cm

Dimensions laying down: 202x81x102 cm

Weight: 111 kg

Power consumption: 250 W

Run-time: 15 minutes

Braintronics: 21 minutes

Sertifisering: zertifikate.png

The AI Scanning Function.

The AURA massage chair features a body scanning function. It creates a sort of "map" of your body to detect areas that require optimal massage pressure. Additionally, it scans and measures your shoulder height with the option to adjust it for a more personalized treatment. The same scanning technology is also present in the foot massage unit, where the components can be tailored to your body size needs.

Aura LCD Remote Control and Sound System.

The AURA massage chair adapts to today's demands by having advanced digital features while remaining user-friendly. It's equipped with a sleek and simple LCD remote control, a USB port for charging mobile phones or tablets, BLUETOOTH-ENABLED HD SPEAKERS on the headrest, and is integrated with Braintronics® Technology. The AURA massage chair is definitely a luxurious complete package from the CASADA massage chair family.

Braintronics® Touch Aura

The human brain is a complex organ made up of millions of tiny nerve cells called neurons. Each cell constantly produces small electrical impulses. Every thought, sound, and impression, everything is transmitted and communicated by these small electrical impulses. Electricity is, so to speak, the brain's language. The sum of these impulses can be detected and charted, for example, using an EEG. When the electrical activity is charted on a graph, a wave-like pattern is formed, known as brainwaves.

With Braintronics®, which combines sound stimulation and guided meditations with soothing massage, these brainwaves can be stimulated to achieve different states of relaxation in the brain. Whether you want to improve your concentration in a sustainable way or simply relax and pamper yourself – everything is possible with a massage chair from the Casada family. Aura combines Braintronics® technology with new design and a completely new way of relaxing.