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Quattromed V BT

kr 9,990.00

With the QUATTROMED V braintronics® you can escape from hectic everyday life and immerse yourself in a whole new world of massage.

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Quattromed V BTThe Quattromed V with jade and 3D massage
With the Quattromed V you can leave the gray everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of massage. Massage two sensitive silicone massage heads with the massage techniques «Tapping» and «Rolling». Two fixed ones take care of the discharge and supply of the intervertebral discs.

The switchable deep heat, the certified Jade refined massage heads, has a soothing effect on tense muscles and joints. To improve blood circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system, switch the vibration on via the remote control. With its 2-way height adjustment and 3D massage technology, the Quattromed V adapts perfectly to different body sizes. The Quattromed V has jade refined massage heads, deep heat and 3D massage with height adjustment.

The 3D massage technique in Quattromed V
The Quattromed V massager is a completely different type from all traditional massagers. The special feature of the Quattromed V is the 3D technology and the 2-fold height adjustment. In addition, the Quattromed V has a width adjustment. With these three feautres, the Quattromed V comes in places on the body that are difficult to reach for other massagers. With the manually adjustable massage types of the Quattromed V, the massager offers a maximum of comfort. Experience the 3D technology in Quattromed V.

The 2-way height adjustment in the Quattromed V massager
In addition to the 3D technology, the Quattromed V is equipped with a 2-fold height adjustment. The 2-way height adjustment allows the Quattromed V to narrow the area where the massage heads perform the massage applications. For 2-fold height regulation also the width regulation was installed. With the width adjustment you have the opportunity to adjust the tapping massage.

The massage techniques in the Quattromed V BT
The Quattromed V massage seat incorporates three full-body automatic massage programs. In addition, the three full-body automatic programs do not require any additional settings.

Among the three full-body automatic programs, you can manually set adjustable massages, such as shiatsu, rolling or tapping. The manually adjustable massages can be individually adapted and extended with a heat function. If you want, you can separate the backrest from the seat cushion so that the Quattromed V massage seat can massage your back and legs.

Device Quattromed V BT
Measurements backrest 45 x 75 x 20 cm
seat section 45 x 7,5 x 42 cm
Weight 10 kg
Power source input 110-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz output 24 V, 2,5 A
Rated power 60 W
Runtime 15 minutes
braintronics® 21 minutes