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Reflex Disc

kr 490.00

The massage disc for more relaxation

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Reflex Disc is the massage disc by Casada
With a diameter of 33 cm and weighing 0.45 kg our Reflex Massage Disc is your ideal foot massager for home use but also when you’re on the road.

Thanks to the built-in magnetic fields, alternating magnetic fields are produced in the body, through which the circulation and the metabolism change can be influenced in a positive way. The numerous massage nodules on the reflex disc by Casada assist with foot reflexology and regenerate your foot’s muscle system, thus having a harmonious effect on almost all your body’s organs.

Find out more about foot reflexology
Compared to a whole body massage foot reflexology has the advantage that there are around 72 000 nerve endings for different organs on the foot. Massages performed in targeted areas can have a positive influence on the body and improve personal wellbeing.

Careful foot reflexology can stimulate the metabolism and circulation, which prevents clotting and assists the body’s self-healing process. The more we look after our feet’s’ vitality the better it is for our body.

The feet are understood to be a microsystem in which the entire organism can be reflected and individually cared for.

For whom is the Reflex Massage Disc suitable?
Basically it is suitable for everybody, because whether we move around a lot or not very much, our feet are in use every day. Naturally the Reflex Massage Disc is especially ideal for people with lack of mobility. Marvellously, since you can use the Reflex Massage Disc at home you don’t need to go to such effort.

If you have tense nerves or muscles, the Reflex Massage Disc can also help you.

With regular use the immune system can be built up and the Reflex Massage Disc can also be stimulatory with clotting problems.

Make sure that you look after your feet properly
The foot massage is one of the most important massages there is since our feet carry us through life. Even foot-care and foot massages are often neglected. Make sure that you have a foot massager at home and carry out a foot massage at regular intervals. Neglecting your feet can have a negative impact on your entire body. Poor posture can lead to muscle spasms.

Muscle tension can in turn have a detrimental effect on the spine which could lead to further physical damage. If you have trouble sleeping and cold feet, these could be mostly be a consequence of circulation problems. Sitting down for excessive periods of time and lack of movement may lead to swollen legs, muscle cramps but also blood clots.

It is extremely important that enough energy goes to your feet. So that the veins embedded in the muscle system can transport the blood around the whole body once again. The Reflex Massage Disc helps you with this and other problems. With regular use the Reflex Massage Disc can do something good for your feet.


Features and specification
Reflexology regenerates foot muscles and has a harmonizing effect on almost all organs inside your body.

Wireless massage device.