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Casada Healthcare​

A preventive well-being measure

Who is Casada Norway?

Casada Norway has been delivering massage chairs to the Norwegian market since 1999. Our motto is to provide a preventive well-being measure that can offer increased health benefits, counteract stress, and enhance mental performance.

With its many years in the market, Casada International GmbH is now one of the world's leading suppliers of massage chairs in all price ranges, as well as various massage devices.

Casada is headquartered in Germany, and its products are currently sold in over 40 countries. As a pioneering supplier, Casada offers up to 10 years of warranty on certain models.


Private Customers

We offer installment payments through Klarna and also sell massage chairs and smaller massage products to individuals.


We offer leasing options for massage chairs to businesses and installment payments through Klarna for products meant for home use.

Online Store

In our online store, you'll find our range of massage products:

Public and Business Customers

Our largest clients include municipalities, government entities, and private businesses.