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Allow your employees to alleviate stiff and sore muscles in a Casada massage chair. Test a massage chair completely free for 14 days!

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Braintronics - Technology and Massage

Massage exists in many different variations, is present in all cultures, and is probably the world's oldest form of therapy. Over thousands of years, various techniques have been further developed and specialized. Your blood pressure and pulse will decrease due to the relaxation you experience from a good massage. Tense muscles unwind, restrictions in your range of motion decrease, and fatigued muscles get revitalized.

Automated massage programs with a massage device provide a biologically measurable level of well-being. Experiments revealed that when employees were offered massage appointments and access to massage devices in break rooms for free over a period of a few weeks, the positive effects of massage such as relaxation, stress relief, as well as alleviation of shoulder and neck issues were demonstrated in both cases. Being able to choose a massage appointment or use massage devices was described as highly advantageous, as the massage could easily be integrated into the daily work schedule on an individual basis and without any particular issues.