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kr 39,990.00

Featuring unique 3D massage technology for complete relaxation.

Space-Saving and Compact Design

Don't miss out on the unique massage experience with the Pollux massage chair. It boasts a space-saving and compact design while offering a wide range of different features that will synchronize your body and mind. Indulge in a choice of 6 automatic massage programs or select various massage techniques for an individual massage tailored to your needs. Thanks to the high-quality and durable materials, the massage chair proves to be a constant and stylish companion. Benefit from its charcoal lumbar heat to counteract tight muscles.

Enjoy astronaut technology and sink into complete relief for your back with the Zero-G function. Feel weightless and have the unique opportunity to escape your everyday life. The specially developed massage heads mimic the sensation of a professional hand massage. How wonderful would it be to welcome your personal masseuse whenever you want, in the comfort of your own cozy home?

Technical specifications

Color: Grey/White | Grey/Black

Dimensions upright: 149×73,5×115,3 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Power consumption: 95 W

Run-time: 20 minutes

Braintronics: 21 minutes


The human brain is a complex organ composed of countless nerve cells, also known as neurons, which constantly produce small electrical impulses. Every thought, sound, and experience is conveyed through these tiny electrical impulses – it's the brain's language, so to speak. The sum of all these impulses can be graphically represented in the form of a wave. And this wave is what we call a brainwave.

By using a combination of Braintronics® sound stimulation, guided meditation, and soothing massage, you can achieve different relaxation states in the brain by stimulating its waves. Whether you want to enhance your long-term concentration, relax, or indulge yourself – everything is possible with a massage chair from the Casada series.