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kr 124,990.00

Body scanning and dual massage mechanism for complete comfort.

Complete relaxation

Discover the new Titan massage chair from Casada with unique innovations like a dual massage mechanism, voice control, backrest adjustable up to 165°, and graphic heat in the leg area.

At Casada, we are constantly working to optimize our products so that you can enjoy them even more and have an increasing impact on your quality of life. One of the latest results of this effort is the Titan massage chair. Because this massage chair has a comprehensive repertoire of relaxing applications, which can hardly be increased. The latest highlights of the Titan include AI intelligent body scanning, graphic heat in the leg area, a flexible track, and especially the dual massage robot.

Technical specifications

Color: White/Black | Black/Gray | Brown/Black

Dimensions upright: 81,5×180-195×98,5 cm

Weight: 159 kg

Power consumption: 180 W

Run-time: 30 minutes

Braintronics: 21 minutes

Titan - Everything in an Instant

The Titan massage chair employs AI intelligent body scanning for a more refined approach to its work. To achieve this, the chair uses a multifactor adjustment system and an intelligent algorithm. This enables a more comprehensive analysis, more registered touch signals, faster response, more precise control during body scanning, and massage technique adjustments. For leg heating, the Titan utilizes 100% carbon material Graphene, which produces far-infrared rays that enhance your blood circulation in combination with carbon heat in the back area.

What sets the Titan apart is its dual massage robot. When the 2D and 3D massage robots synchronize their application, a massage is created that feels like being massaged by four hands simultaneously. Additionally, the flexible track, which opens in an arc due to the long massage path, lifts the back and thus allows for a special stretching massage.