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AlphaSonic II

kr 59,990.00

For the ones that need the good things in life.

Alphasonic II Massage Chair with Sound Wave Therapy

Alphasonic II - A unique massage chair with L-Shape technology, sound wave therapy/mindfulness, and foot roller massage. You can choose between soothing sound wave therapy programs or your favorite music. This top model is also app-controlled!

This is the massage chair for those who want a sturdy and durable chair. A massage chair that massages from the upper part of the neck, all the way down to the lower back and under the gluteal muscles. It includes the thighs, calves, and feet, which are indulged with deep-reaching massage that both prevents and treats.

The seating area of the massage chair is more spacious than the other models we offer and is longer in the back. Additionally, you get a unique acupressure point massage, also known as pressure acupuncture. This involves pressing on acupressure points in your body to promote relaxation and treat ailments. There are more than 400 acupressure points on the body.

The Alphasonic II also comes with an Artrosis Traction feature, consisting of gentle pressure that has a stimulating effect on cartilage, improving the transport of body fluids and thereby alleviating symptoms of arthritis.

Technical specifications

Color: Creme | Creme/Brown | Black | Grey/Black | Red/Black

Dimensions upright: 81x119x147 cm

Dimensions laying down: 81x92x176 cm

Weight: 96 kg

Power consumption: 150 W

Run-time: 15 minutes

Sertifisering: zertifikate.png

Unikt allsidig velvære-pakke i ulike farger.​

The next step towards achieving perfection - the latest development of the Casada massage chair is finally available. AlphaSonic II. We have been continuously working to combine the best materials, the most advanced massage techniques, and the finest design to offer it in various colors, based on feedback from our customers and partners.

Massasjestolen AlphaSonic II - maksimal komfort og maksimal avslapning​

Take a seat - in the new wellness chair from Casada. The high-quality AlphaSonic II massage chair combines tried and tested technology with new design and the experience of an entirely new type of relaxation.

AlphaSonic II massasjestol med easyControl​

Our newest premium massage chair, AlphaSonic II, impresses with its large seating area providing even more seating comfort. With the help of the easyControl panel, all basic adjustments can be made relatively easily, and the remote control can be conveniently placed to the side.